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Precautions,Preparedness and Planning For Jewellery Industry, Post Covid19

Jewellery Manufacturing facilities have been thrown into disarray. We all are totally confused about what steps to be taken for it to reopen.

Two-way communication between workers and management is important for future motivation and perspective.

Take the example of China. They have come a long way and things are gradually becoming normal there. The reason is that they took all the necessary precautions and followed rules. Special attention was given to sanitization and Mental buildup. Workers coming back to work were totally scared and confused. By doing regular temperature checks and taking precautions, the businesses have started flourishing again and have started working with 50% of their working capacity.

In India, we can keep in mind two things before restarting manufacturing facilities. First, make sure that the Karigars are following social distancing and cleanliness.

We should have a proper plan like who all are going to come back and where exactly they are going to accommodate themselves. Everybody needs to be educated. It is important to the mode of transportation of workers. Make sure that the temperature is checked with thermal guns. Disinfection and sanitizing are important.

Another important point is that workers who are stuck because of the lockdown must be taken care of. Keep them inside the factory only and provide food and other basic facilities required to stay alive. Make arrangements for regular doctor’s visits.

In India, the relationship between business owners and karigars is more emotional. We in India are more family-oriented. So once things start becoming normal, most of the workers who are stuck would like to go back to their respective hometowns and meet their families. We must allow them to go and let them come back with more positivity, dictatorship won’t work here.

The cash crunch is surely going to be there but we must stand by all our workers. No retailer or manufacturer can survive individually, we must stand together and face this crunch.

Business is all about cash flow so budget reallocation and cost optimization, how to mitigate the work, and reactive working should be there. We are not sure about the new normal. We can go for mediclaim insurance plans for employees.

How to market our jewelry?

The solution is to share your data with various social media platforms like Facebook. They are going to share it further with more people. You can get connected with as many consumers as you want. Use more of web marketing. We must resort to software and technologies that allow our customers to connect to us. Digital marketing is the solution.

The product must also reach rural areas. For rural people, investing in jewelry is normal. They still go for 22-carat gold.

Another point is that customer habits are changing. Post-COVID19, we are not sure about the bridal collection. Not sure if it is going to be in demand as most of the marriages are going to be postponed.

People in India are never going to stop investing in gold. Keeping inventory ready is also very important for all.


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