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World’s Foremost ‘Only Diamond Show’ Bharat Diamond Week [BDW] Goes Digital

The organizing committee of Bharat Diamond Week [BDW], the world’s foremost ‘only diamond show ‘decided that it will go digital. The decision was taken by the committee over an online meeting. The Bharat Diamond Week in its 4th edition was slated to be organized during the first week of August 2020. Looking at the unprecedented events that are transpiring the world over due to the dreaded COVID 19, it was decided by the committee to go digital. A decision was made, keeping in mind the status of various gem and jewelry economies that are more or less in a lock downstage without knowing a logical ending to this COVID phenomenon. The committee felt the need for making diamonds available to the buyers once the industry gets back into the business. There is no better way of servicing them than a ‘DIGITAL MEDIUM’. BDB cares about the health of buyers and in the present scenario, it may not be advised to travel, therefore BDB committee decided to cancel the physical show that was to be held in August between the 5th to 7th this year. The show was transformed into a digital medium.

Bharat Diamond Week organizers felt that BDW should rise to the occasion keeping in mind the thousands of buyers spread across who would go jobless without the availability of raw materials. ‘Digital platform would definitely give all those buyers an avenue to buy and go on with their respective business’ claimed Anoop Mehta, President Bharat Diamond Bourse.

While the dates of the transformed show into a digital platform are yet to be announced, it is imperative that the “BHARAT DIAMOND WEEK – DIGITAL” will make a difference to a huge number of buyers worldwide. Bharat Diamond Week – Digital will be built on a secured platform with critical and important features that have never been seen before. This securitized digital platform will enable buyers and sellers to have a ‘close to realistic’ feel regarding all the products showcased. Buyers and sellers will have an unmatched meeting environment, discussion board, and many other features including logistic recommendations. All this and more will make the “Bharat Diamond Week – DIGITAL” a not to be missed online event.

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