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Jewellery Design Has To Be Unique

The world is going through drastic changes and we are all experiencing that. Post-COVID19, the world will no more be the same. We as humans will be paying attention to other important aspects, that we all have been ignoring. The parameters will change and the world will learn to maintain harmony with nature. Jewellery design is all about human sentiments and is going to change for sure. We’ll start associating designs with certain values and start respecting sentiments. The factors that will take predominance will be based on the following values that will significantly change the design scene as the design is the pillar of any product.

There are many factors that decide what your design output is. Influencing customer’s mind for a particular design is important. Another important aspect is the material. Many jewelers are interested in the material while for others, the design is important. The same goes with customers. It is important to give freedom to your designer to design as per his/her experience and let her creativity flow.

A designer must understand the market trends too. Like for example, a Jewellery designer must be aware of the fashion industry trends too. Fashion and jewelry go hand-in-hand. Jewellery designing is like a film, where everything is scripted. The story plays a vital role when you are designing jewellery. For example, on mother’s day, the buyer wants to buy something unique for the mother and the design has to be unique. On Valentine’s Day, customers would like to buy something with a design depicting romance.

For a designer, it is important to know the needs and mindset of the customers. Good communication strategy is important in order to design Jewellery that suits the current scenario and influence customers. Look around for the source of inspiration, observe and absorb. The communication medium plays a vital role too. Sometimes, a designer’s gut feeling also plays an important role in the design.

Mines to Market
Mines to Market
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