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Global Diamond Producers Rebranding to Natural Diamond Council


The Global Diamond Producers embarking a new journey as Natural Diamond Council, pivoting to full consumer-facing identity.  The world’s leading diamond producers including Alrosa, De Beers, Dominion Diamonds, Lucara Diamonds, Morowa Diamonds, and Rio Tinto founded this organization intending to build the reputation and protect the integrity of natural diamonds to a consumer audience.

According to David Kellie, the purpose of the pivot is to bring in a new younger audience apart from building the organization as an authority. A destination for information and inspiration on the world of natural diamonds and diamond jewelry. The values are expected to emerge stronger post-pandemic that are relevant in the era of coronavirus.

“Our audience values products that have a timelessness about them. They are seeking products through which they can express their individuality and they’re seeking products that celebrate connections between people” further explained by CEO, David Kellie.

Real Is Rare, Real Is a Diamond

“Real Is Rare, Real Is a Diamond” campaign was launched to initiate a narrative with the millennial consumers.  The consumers who put forth the value on the origin of the products they buy.  The organization aims to communicate with these younger customers and illustrate diamonds as the best expression of authentic love and commitment. The category became more competitive with the introduction of lab-created gemstones.

Natural Diamond Council rechristened to a new platform named “Only Natural Diamonds’ which will concentrate on the uniqueness of natural diamonds. The sentiments associated with the products are believed to reflect consumer’s aspirations for products. the products will be the most sought-after post-pandemic.

The ad portion “Only natural Diamonds” will roll out fully in the fall. Social media will play a significant role in this ad campaign. Print and TV will continue to remain an important medium for the endorsement.

Kellie further explained how the consumer-facing identity would shift the organization’s mission. “ We see the opportunity to be speaking directly to consumers as well as through retail partners. Above all, we see the opportunity to speak in a way that is different from that which is more typically associated with our industry. The world of luxury has changed”.

Natural Diamond Council launched a website

The website of the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) launched on June 1, 2020, showcasing its new identity, serving as both a digital platform and resource. The site aims to provide access to a range of industry resources, customizable marketing materials, e-learning programs, and current industry news. The new editorial section incorporates articles from industry veterans such as Jill Newman, Marion Fasel, and Carol Woolton. The coverage sits under six key pillars including ‘ Epic diamonds”,” Hollywood & Pop culture”; Love & Diamonds”;” Style a& innovation”; Diamonds 101; and Inside the Diamond World”.

“There is no task more important than inspiring consumers with what we call ‘the Diamond Dream’ – stated Stephen Lussier, Chairman, and NDC. He further stated “Our mission is to educate consumers on the industry and positive social contribution diamonds make to the world today. Our members are committed to this goal and the launch of the NDC marks an exciting step on this path.

The education section of the platform provides a resource for diamond professionals to register for engaging e-learning modules ranging from “Diamond 101 “to “selling to the self- purchaser and learning about the sustainability of the industry. The format will provide flexibility to the retailer, corporation, or individual to track the progress according to their needs.

NDC launched “Style Collective Trend Report”

“Style Collective Trend Report” is a compilation forecasting diamond jewelry trends from industry veterans.  For this, the NDC roped in a selection of editors, jewelry influencers, and celebrity stylists to serve guidance to the retailers for the upcoming season and reference for consumer publications. The launch comes at a time when global economies are restarting, consumers emerging from quarantine with lots of uncertainty. Retailers are charting out new ways to engage customers.

Mines to Market
Mines to Market
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