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ALROSA Reports On the First-Round Digital Tender for Rough Diamonds

For the first time, ALROSA decided on selling rough diamonds from boxes piece by piece to support clients during this crisis period. The first round of the digital tender commenced between 15th May -29th May. The digital tender allowed long-term customers to replenish their stocks selectively. The digital copies of diamonds reviewed, selected, and purchased by long-term customers.


On 3rd June, the second round of digital tender will be commenced. The tender will be open for both long-term clients and other company’s customers as well. ALROSA will tender 700 rough diamonds from 5-10 carats batches.

 According to Evgeny Agureev, Deputy CEO of ALROSA, “ The results of the digital tender’s first-round show that demand for rough diamonds persists at the market, and our clients are ready to buy diamonds through the online channel. The tender format allows participants to bid based on the reserve price. To the second round of the digital tender, we have additionally invited our spot and auctions partner companies. This is an important milestone in our efforts to extend sales channels and further digitalize trading and marketing”.

Digital Tender

In digital tender, customers are provided with a full digital scan of each rough diamond for detailed analysis. ALROSA has been holding digital tender since October 2019 along with traditional sessions.

Mines to Market
Mines to Market
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