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Webinar by Dr. Jayshree Panjikar ‘Know your Diamonds’

The “Know your Diamonds” will be conducted on Saturday 11th July 2020 at 6.30 pm by Dr. Jayshree Panjikar of PANGEMTECH. In the recently conducted Educational webinar on “ Know your Diamonds “ by Dr. Panjikar, received huge success, and was joined by participants from Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa and from all corners of India.

The webinar was in two sessions. In the first session, Dr. Panjikar described the famous diamonds of Indian origin in the different museums in the world as well as on the largest rough diamond and the largest faceted diamonds in the world. In this session, tips were given on the identification of diamonds and the difference between Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia.

In the second session of the webinar 4Cs of diamond were explained. Useful insight was given on how to read a diamond report or certificate and evaluate the price using a Rapaport price list. Dr. Panjikar further discussed types of synthetic diamonds production and tips to identify them. Furthermore, treatments done on diamonds were also explained by him.

One feedback stated” Dr. Panjikar’s enormous expertise in the field and experience in teaching live audiences comes through clearly in the presentation. It was very relaxed. You were ‘in the zone’ (as we call it in web delivery) all along. Very nice and this will become a global online resource” 


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