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The Whole Diamond Industry Owes a Big Thank You to Outgoing President Stephane Fischler

Stephane Fischler, a born diplomat was among the first in the industry to understand the importance of the sanctions in ending the cycle of civil war in Africa. He was closely involved at the birth of the World Diamond  Council, founded at the World Diamond Congress in Antwerp in 2000 by a joint decision of both the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA) and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). He was elected as the WDC vice president in 2016 and also served a full term as president of WDC since 2018. In his illustrious journey, he traveled all over the world to promote the WDC and the Kimberly Process and had a great role in promoting the expansion of the definition of conflict diamonds by using KP’s recently completed three-year review process. He gave equal importance to all the participants in the diamond industry while tending the political and strategic aspects of KP.

World Diamond Council ( WDC) encompasses the whole supply chain from miners, polishers wholesalers, retailers to service industries around them. Service industries include banks, insurance companies, secured transportation, and gemological laboratories.

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