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Ways to Make a Gemstone Jewellery Piece Look Flattering

To improve the appearance of the gemstone, there are many ways. Some people heat stones and some heat the stone and add chemicals. However, there is an even better way to make the gemstone look beautiful – a faceting machine.

Amateur gem cutting involves cutting a stone while retaining its weight. However, professional cutters do not care about weight, they just cut it and try to make it look attractive anyhow. Amateurs take their own time to make gemstones look attractive, they take weeks or even months to get the perfect product. Amateurs create masterpieces carefully. It requires full concentration and self-control to create a masterpiece.

Professional cutters just try to cut diamond pieces and gemstones perfectly as they have tough competition out there in the market. There are many competitions for the same where these beautiful pieces are cut in various shapes.

Precision cuts

Precisely cut gemstones look perfect in any manner, from edges, from the center, or from every angle. They look just perfect. Polishing is an integral part and poor polish is generally considered a faceting defect. Perfect polishing also improves the color of the gemstone. Diffusing light plays an important role in the way a gemstone shines perfectly. Therefore, even perfect polishing must be there.

Re-polishing should be done carefully as there are chances of the stone piece losing shine, color, and weight.

There should be minimum weight losses while cutting or polishing. Precision cutting improves the color of the gemstone.

In maximum cases, weight is not important but yes, the shape, color, and design are important. People buy these beautiful stones going by their overall look, which include color and shape.


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