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Virtual World Transforming the Gold Industry

Gold Industry

Indians love Gold. Investment in gold continues, even during the pandemic. Many turned to this safe-haven metal to hedge against economic uncertainties. Indian consumers are resorting to time-tested investment to mitigate liquidity crunch. They are using it to raise funds. The surge in gold prices this year is mainly due to stock markets and international markets.  Meanwhile, in India, jewelry retailers are re-opening stores, as the government mandates are easing in states. Moreover, jewelry retailers are offering the best of safety standards and comfortable shopping experience. Simultaneously, jewelry brands are venturing into the virtual world. Before COVID-19, the online existence of jewelry brands was negligible. Jewelers across the country are reaping the benefits of their virtual presence by introducing fine jewelry products to the digital world. 3D exhibitions initiatives by GJEPC and GJS VIRTUAL further stimulating customer inquiries related to product and investments.

Digitizing gold

Digitization repurposed the value of gold with a Midas touch of modern technology.  Blockchain made gold divisible, portable, and transferable. Blockchain technology provides a secure, traceable supply chain, and Trust Stamp’s imaging technology benefitting all participants in the gold market including end gold consumers.

Mines to Market
Mines to Market
Prashant Rathod


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