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Siroya Partners with ALTR Created Diamonds to Launch New Evermore Collection

Siroya Partners with ALTR Created Diamonds to Launch New Evermore Collection. Siroya, the well-known UAE-based jewelry brand announces an exclusive partnership with ALTR Created Diamonds, the world’s leading lab-grown diamond company for the launch of an exclusive new jewelry collection called Evermore.

The Evermore collection will dramatically change the way people perceive diamonds. These top-quality type 2a diamonds from ALTR are manufactured with cutting-edge technology to the most demanding standards with each precious bespoke diamond ensuring the same qualities as traditionally mined diamonds. Made to order, these labs grown stones have a pristine purity about them while having a very low carbon footprint ensuring they neither harm the eco-system or cause exploitation of human labor.

The announcement is well-timed as a recent Allied Market report highlighted that the total market size for lab grown diamonds is slated to grow from $19.3 billion in 2019 to $49.9 billion by 2030.

“The expansion of lab grown diamond accessibility is focused on further democratising the diamond conversation. Consumers can now experience graded high-quality diamonds with larger carats at a better value,” said Amish Shah, President of ALTR Created Diamonds. “Our partnership with Siroya is extremely timely and certain to make a tangible impact in the exciting Gulf and Middle East markets.”

The lab grown diamonds and fine jewellery featured in the Evermore Collection are essentially designed on demand thereby providing a uniqueness in each purchase for the most discerning private buyer and satisfying their desire in owning their own diamond masterpiece with its provenance and a paper trail that gives it true authenticity.

Rohan Siroya“Every carat of our stones helps foster a better world as they have a very low carbon footprint, they are created just for you and the planet,” said Rohan Siroya, CEO of Evermore. “In today’s world, this is a very important factor because ‘caring’ is the operative word. For our planet and for ourselves, if we can enjoy that ‘good feeling’ while sharing a sense of responsibility, it makes complete sense to us.”

“We’ve built the Siroya brand by taking risks, embracing change, setting trends, and creating superior customer experiences. Our loyal customers keep coming back for more. And with the launch of Evermore this is exactly what we’re promising – more choice, more value, and more diamond. Siroya’s brand heritage coupled with ALTR’s experience makes our entry into the lab grown diamond space an exciting moment in our evolution and for the industry as a whole,” said Chandu Siroya, founder of Siroya.

The Evermore collection is currently available across all Siroya outlets in the UAE. A flagship Evermore store is set to open in May 2022.

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