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London Diamond Bourse Signs New Lease on Historic Premises

The London Diamond Bourse (LDB) has agreed and signed a new lease on its current premises, which will see the company continue to trade from its historic Hatton Garden home for the next five years.

LDB’s future at 100 Hatton Garden has been in question for some time, with the London Diamond Bourse warning it would move if members felt it was no longer a viable base in the wake of huge changes taking place in the area. The London Diamond Bourse, which has more than 300 members, were invited to have their say on where the Bourse should trade from.

Commenting on the news that the London Diamond Bourse will remain in Hatton Garden for at least five more years, LDB president, Alan Cohen, remarks: “We have had a period of uncertainty as to the future of the LDB and it has taken some time for negotiations to be completed. We hope this news today will bring some security to our members and allow us to concentrate on future initiatives.”

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