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Is Buying Jewelry Still A Luxury?

Is there still a particular definition when it comes to buying jewelry? Time, they are changing considering the current Covid-19 scenario, buying essentials has become a priority, buying a piece of jewelry might wait. However, buying their favorite jewelry piece still brings a twinkle to many eyes. The definition of luxury is not the same. Some top Indian designers claim that luxury is what our Karigars make. Indian jewelry is mostly hand-crafted by karigars. They believe that the roots of luxury are from India. It is one multifaceted concept. For some, luxury is business, culture, or customer. It is a dream for many. What is luxury for some is ordinary for others. Handmade jewelry will become a luxury considering the absence of karigars in today’s tough time.

In the jewelry industry, luxury is how priceless the experience is. It is a spirit of craftsmanship; it is about culture, creativity, and excellence. Superior quality and timelessness are the two most important factors that make jewelry products unique. Uniquely stylish looks make customers become extravagant aesthetically. Here are the things that make your product a luxury:

-Personal aspiration of a consumer is the defining factor for luxury.
-Having product that exceeds its fundamental value is luxury.
-Providing quality products to customers will add to the luxury value.
-For some quality, reliability and the trust factor, help you achieve that luxury.

What all factors define luxury?

For some, it is about sustainability and simplicity. It becomes an aspiration as you convey the positive aspects of your product to your customers. Trust is the most important factor when it comes to defining luxury. Price does not always define luxury but what is more important is how beautiful the product is.

Transparency is an important aspect of creating a long-lasting relationship with customers across the globe. It is important to explain to them what all qualities make your jewelry product unique.

Indian jewelers must have a story related to their products as International customers are highly impressed by Indian heritage and culture.

Jewelers can’t expect the pre-COVID-19 situation to be back too soon. It is going to take more years to bring back the pre-COVID setting. In the meantime, they must focus on the future as well as the current scenario and plan accordingly.


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