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GJS Virtual – An Annual B2B Initiative Witnessed Grand Success

GJS Virtual is an annual B2B initiative by GJC. The first exhibition, Swarnotsav 1, was scheduled from 5th to 10th October 2020.

Swarnotsav 1 started on 5th October. Industry bigwigs attended the virtual inauguration. The event witnessed the collaboration of stalwarts from GJC as well as eminent retailers from all across the country.

ANANTHA PADMANABANMr. N Anantha Padmanabhan (Chairman, GJC), quoted “Today marks the beginning of a new digital age in the gems and jewelry industry. The inauguration of GJS Virtual and its amazing response not just substantiates the efficacy of the portal but also establishes the need for change. GJS Virtual is the future of trade.”

Over 5500 visitors registered over the last six days.  Digitization created a new history.More than  4100+ contacts made, 40,000+ business discussions furnished and 900+ meetings done. Swarnotsav 1 turned out a grand success much to industry’s that remained inactive over the last 6 months due to lockdown.

SAIYAM MEHRAMr. Saiyam Mehra (COA, GJC & Co-convener, GJS) said, “I think the numbers have done the talking. GJS Virtual was the need of the hour and this has truly changed the dynamics of trade. This is just the beginning though as we have 5 more exhibitions lined up with loads of surprises to unravel.”

Apart from business, Swarnotsav 1 also furnished discussions on few very relevant topics of the industry including TCS and its impact, digitalization, changing consumer mindset, the art of creating new designs, the advent of the new generation of jewelers, and the relevance of history in jewelry creation through the webinars conducted over the 6 days. The virtual event witnessed some beautiful collections from the exhibitors during the webinars.

ashok minawalaMr. Ashok Minawala (Past Chairman, GJC & GJS Committee Member) commented, “A B2B exhibition is not just about business. It is also about interaction, knowledge sharing, and widening your perspective with regard to the industry. Keeping that in mind, we organized these webinars everyday touching as many topics as we could. However, there will be a lot more to discuss in the next 5 exhibitions as well.”

NITIN KHANDELWALMr. Nitin Khandelwal (IPC, GJC & GJS Committee Member) said,

“There is a very famous saying, ‘If the plan does not work, change the plan, but never the goal’. The first set of exhibitors that we hosted for Swarnotsav 1 decided to go against the tide and they have reaped the benefits. There is a lot more to come through.”

Mr. Ashish Pethe (Zonal Chairman West, GJC) said, “As a retailer myself, I think GJS Virtual is a boon. It will bring a hugely required change in the industry. Its features are curated keeping us and our requirements in mind and I would strongly recommend retailers, all over the world, to make the best use of the opportunity.”Ashish Pethe

Currently, GJS Virtual is hosting 49 of the finest names of the industry as exhibitors. It will be live for the entire year. Also, it has plans that will unfold, as GJS VIRTUAL continues 31st August 2021. With an easy and simple registration process, GJS Virtual invites retailers from all over the world to join and make the best use for themselves. 

The Visitor Registration process is LIVE and absolutely FREE. To Register, log on to https://gjsvirtual.org/Home/VisitorRegistration

Join in to witness and embrace the changing face and future of jewellery trade in India.

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Mines to Market
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