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Gembridge eyes global gemstones dealers for expansion

Gembridge eyes global gemstones dealers for expansion. Gembridge, a digital coloured gemstone trading platform,  has announced the setting up of a separate network of global gemstones dealers to facilitate them to transact their business on it.

Calling it as ambassador network, the platform would have leading gemstones dealers executing business deals on it. Thus, the network aims to establish Gembridge as the preferred marketplace for coloured gemstones worldwide.

Gembridge is helping pioneer the digital transformation of the coloured gemstone trade. It provides a marketplace for members to buy, sell and consign, via a secure, verified and insured door-to-door service.

“The ambassadors’ role is to promote and grow the business of Gembridge in their parts of the world. As we grow, they will become shareholders in our business,” said Nick Marrett,  Chief Executive Officer, Gembridge.

He added that the ambassadors would be champions of the new marketplace where international trade was more affordable and secure, and access to high quality coloured gemstones, universal.

”Each ambassador will help build confidence in Gembridge, integrating the platform into the working heart of our industry. Strategically, our ambassador network will not only span the world but also connect it,” said Tony Brooke, Chairman, Gembridge.

Following are some Gembridge ambassadors listed in alphabetical order: Elke Berr, Geneva, Switzerland; Edward Boehm, Chattanooga, USA; Evan Caplan, Los Angeles, USA; Guillermo Galvis, Bogota, Colombia; Jean Jureidini, Beirut, Lebanon; Prashant Kothari, Jaipur, India; Duncan McLauchlan, London, UK; Joe Menzie, New York, USA; Jean-Claude Michelou, Bangkok, Thailand; Armil Sammoon, Colombo, Sri Lanka; Manuela Soares, Minas Gerais, Brazil; and Manuela Soares, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

“Adding such talent to our Gembridge team is crucial in an industry where networking and knowledge are keys to success,” said Helen Molesworth, Head of Business Development, Gembridge.

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