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Fura Gems Re-Looks at Its Brand Identity

Fura Gems Re-Looks at Its Brand Identity     

Fura Gems Re-Looks at Its Brand Identity .Fura Gems Inc. a gemstone mining and marketing company undertook a review of its brand to unveil a new logo, tagline and social media initiatives. The new identity will strengthen Fura Gems’ communication with its key stakeholders and consumers.

The new logo evolves from Fura’s previous logo and takes inspiration of the Fura and Tena mountains of Colombia. The company identifies the ‘mystery and magic of the Fura and Tena mountains’ and ‘its classic love story’ to inspire the brand name since its launch in 2017. The customized typeface resembles the mountains and gemstone facets. Color for the first time is made part of the branding  with shades inspired by gemstones in Fura’s portfolio – vivid green Colombian emeralds and intense red Mozambique rubies.

The new tagline reads as – “We discover the gem”. According to the company the idea behind the line is to capture the core of its business. ‘At Fura, we discover these gems,  that are hidden within the mountains and dense jungles, from our iconic mines located in Colombia and Mozambique.’ The gems are miracles created millions of years ago as per the company.

Dev Shetty Fura CEO commented: “Fura is excited to introduce the new logo design, which marries a subtle evolution of Fura’s old logo and the Fura and Tena mountains with a modern outlook. The new design demonstrates clear visual change without losing the meaning, heritage, or recognition of Fura’s logo that has been built over the last year and the value that it holds to those who are a part of the collaboration”

Fura’s branding on its social media platforms is revised with new and vibrant colours chosen based on hues of the gemstones within its product portfolio. The social media campaign will inform about Fura and the colour gemstones and jewellery world.

Dev Shetty opines social media is an ‘effective mode of communication not only with our investors, trade partners and consumers but also with millennials who today have a large disposable income and are perfect audience for the ethically mines gemstones”.

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