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De Beers Group’s Collaborative Initiative “ReSet”

De Beers Group’s collaborative initiative “ReSet”

Celebrating the positive impact of natural diamonds while giving a fresh perspective on responsible sourcing and sustainability. Also, the initiative is highlighting the significant contribution of natural diamonds to the people and places where they are found by collaborating with established and up-and-coming jewellery designers.

ReSet Collective

The initiative in its first activation collaborated with five leading US designers. The leading designers are – Jade Trau, Jennie Kwon, Julez Bryant, Sara Weinstock, and Zoë Chicco. They traveled to Botswana late last year to visit De Beers Group’s operations and a range of community and conservation programs, learning about the company’s commitment to Building Forever. Following the visit, each designer created a unique pendant incorporating diamonds from De Beers, which was inspired by the people, wildlife, and beautiful landscape of Botswana, as well as a shared commitment to helping shape a better world. The collection of one-of-a-kind pieces will be auctioned for charity later this year, with a supporting consumer engagement campaign.

Colby Shergalis, Senior Vice President, De Beers Group Brand, commented “Through ReSet, we are connecting a community of jewellery designers to the people and places where our diamonds originate, so the designers can learn more about the journey of a De Beers diamond and the positive impact it makes. He further stated, “we were proud to host Jade, Jennie, Julez, Sara, and Zoë at our operations in Botswana, and have been moved by their enthusiasm about sharing what they’ve learned and by their desire to find additional ways to give back”.

Designers shared their experiences

Jade Trau

Jade Trau

Since establishing her own namesake brand, Jade has used her vast years of experience in the diamond industry, to pay homage to her family heritage as a fifth generation diamantaire. Her belief is that jewelry should become an extension of the wearer and empower self-expression. Which is why storytelling and enhancing the inherent magical beauty of a diamond, are at the forefront of her brand.

Her designs reinterpret vintage inspirations, resulting in classic yet contemporary pieces of jewelry that connect wearers across generations as well as complimenting the person wearing it. Her jewelry is manufactured and hand-finished under one roof in New York City. Using the highest quality materials, finest craftsmanship and responsibly sourced and conflict-free natural diamonds, she finds the beauty in the unseen and manifests this into her designs. | @jadetrau

Jennie KwonJennie Kwon

A native of Los Angeles and a former violinist and attorney, Jennie creates meaningful jewelry with a soul, underpinned by thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. She takes inspiration from the art, natural beauty and style that surrounds her. Each of her pieces are meticulously designed to be graceful, balanced and wearable, with unforgettably unique accents. Jennie meticulously designs each piece with a clear and poetic voice. All the stones she uses are responsibly sourced and conflict free, and her pieces are made of fair-mined and fair-trade gold. | @jenniekwondesigns 

Julez BryantJulez Bryant

Julez began her creative journey after her dear friend lost his life to cancer. Upon his passing, he gifted her a bracelet, in which Julez converted into her first jewelry design. Since then, her creative outlet has organically grown into an established fine jewelry brand, built on the belief that women should feel empowered in the jewelry they choose to wear. Her team of artisans hand-forge each piece in her design studio, located along the Southern California coastline. Her timeless collections are the perfect marriage of rough and refined, fierce and feminine, combining her love of bold shapes with soft, satin finishes and delicate hand-hammered touches. | @julezbryant

Sara WeinstockSara Weinstock

Growing up with a deep love for jewelry since her younger days marvelling through her grandmother’s heirlooms, Sara weaves storytelling and masterful creativity into her designs. Her Los Angeles based brand was born from the desire to empower, inspire and free women to express their own unique style, independence and femininity. And as a passionate artisan, she uses her life experiences combined with nature and architecture when designing her pieces. Her jewelry is meant to be personal treasures worn for all of life’s moments, whether a celebration, special occasion or a simple joy. In the same way that every woman is different, so are the stones she uses. Beautifully unique and rare, she ensures that each one is of the highest quality, responsibly sourced and special in its own way. Her jewelry celebrates the individual light that shines within all of us. | @saraweinstock

Zoë ChiccoZoë Chicco

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Zoe discovered her knack for jewelry design at an early age when she fell in love with her grandmother’s vast collection. By the time she attended college in New York, she had committed to a lifelong pursuit of adornment design. Her focus is to create handmade jewelry to be worn for a lifetime, with a speciality in creating classic, versatile pieces with a personal touch. Delicate and modern, she draws inspiration from everything around her, including art, fashion, and friends. Every piece that goes out of the door of her Los Angeles studio, is intended to be lived in, loved and hopefully passed down for generations to come. Under her careful stewardship, each piece is produced in house by a dedicated team of artisans. With her meticulous eye for detail and quality, she ensures every piece is lovingly hand-made. | @zoechiccojewelry

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