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China Jewelry Market and Business Impact of COVID19 in India

Let us now talk about diamond jewelry trends in the China market. Let us check out what works out well and what cannot work. Consumers are important and detailed knowledge about consumers is equally important. A jewelry brand’s success is hugely dependent on consumers. In short, the consumer can make or break a brand name. Consumers are more educated and professional. In China, online buying of diamond jewelry has become a current trend

Cash flow is an important aspect and it all depends on the consumer. If a consumer is satisfied, the payment will be instant. Customer satisfaction is important.

In China, the jewelry market stopped getting business in the month of February when the outbreak was too high. But in the coming months, it started recovering. Chinese jewelry business owners started investing more in marketing, read, online marketing. It worked for them.

80% of the world’s diamond consumers are from Asia and the focus of all HongKong based jewelry businesses is to get back those consumers, post COVID19.

The demand in China is recovering. Indian jewelry exhibitions helped a lot in attracting consumers. But these jewelry shows and exhibitions are being postponed.

We should not avoid the changing consumer demands not only in China but also in entire Asia.

Business owners must start reconnecting with buyers. Various shows and seminars must be organized to connect exhibitors with the buyers. Such events must be conducted keeping in mind the safety of exhibitors as well as buyers.


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