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AWDC organizes introductory seminars on NFTs, Blockchain, Crypto

AWDC organizes introductory seminars on NFTs, Blockchain, Crypto. Do you know how Blockchain works? Do you ever buy an NFT online? For many of us, it’s still a mystery, but in the diamond industry, we see companies pioneering with new and fresh ideas on how to integrate these new technologies into the diamond business. There is no doubt that these technologies will be at the forefront of the innovation of our industry and that’s why AWDC organizes two workshops for those who are not yet involved with all these innovations and want to get more in touch with concepts like NFTs, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency.

As AWDC puts it, “We want to support innovation in our industry. We all must have a good understanding of how new technologies can bring value to your business. In two seminars we cover the basics of what should be on your radar and try to explain how it works. In the second seminar, we want to go deeper and share best practices, show concrete cases and ideas for the diamond business.”

Seminar 1:

An introduction to the world of WEB 3, crypto, blockchain, and NFTs

Tuesday 29 March 2022 at 12, noon – a theoretical introduction

  • What is Web 3 and how is it different from Web 1 and Web 2
  • Why is it relevant now?
  • What is blockchain, NFT, crypto, etc…
  • How can you use Web 3 in your daily life
  • What are the possible pitfalls?

Seminar 2:

Dig deeper into the world of WEB 3, crypto, blockchain, NFTs, and Diamonds

Thursday 31 March 2022 at 12, noon – more in-depth and practical

  • Concrete cases of implementation, for example in the diamond and luxury industry
  • How can it impact your business
  • What are the opportunities for the diamond industry
  • Q&A
Mines to Market
Mines to Market
Prashant Rathod


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