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An interview with Mr. Ashok Minawala, (Past Chairman, All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council – GJC & Committee Member, GJS)

GJSAn interview with Mr. Ashok Minawala, (Past Chairman, All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council – GJC & Committee Member, GJS)

1) What are the unique features of GJS virtual platform?

Every aspect of this platform is unique and futuristic. However, few features that truly make GJS Virtual a game changer are its availability round the year, with 6 unique exhibitions of 6 days each, i.e., 36 days of exhibition in a year.

The buyer and the seller can have one-on-one video meetings with no time restrictions.

Our studio facility allows life-like clarity viewing of the exhibitor’s products, simply like across the table.

The AI technology used on the platform takes networking to an all new level as it suggests names to the buyers and sellers, depending upon their preferences. Needless to say, GJS Virtual not just makes it safe, less time consuming and cost-effective for the retailers but also streamlines the entire buying process and makes it easier to plan and makes it profitable for business.

2) How is the GJS Virtual platform different from other online platforms?

The most important aspect that differentiates GJS Virtual from any other player is that it is a marketplace and may very well become the ultimate B2B destination in the virtual world and change the way things work. It will bring down the overall expenditure on exhibitions by manufacturers because there would be no need to unnecessary prepare for exhibitions when everyday can drive sufficient business. The 6 special exhibitions will easily suffice as they will be spread around the year. Plus, the need to travel and carry inventory will not be there, the manufacturers can focus on their offices and business will be the ultimate motive of all jewellers.

3) What are the requirements to join this platform?

There are no special requirements to join the platform. As an exhibitor, all they need is an office space from where they can showcase their products and a good broadband connection so that the buyers can see their collection in HD quality.

4) How GJS Virtual will allow the exhibitors to showcase the collection to retailers?

Unlike other platforms, GJS Virtual does not use third party tools like Zoom and whatsapp for buyer-seller communication. It provides HD quality video reception from within the portal with no time restrictions. This allows the exhibitors to showcase their complete collection, including new launches, to the buyers depending upon their requirements and tastes.

5) How will exhibitors and retailers connect through this platform?

The exhibitors and retailers have the option of chatting or setting up a video meeting and connect. Once a meeting gets accepted, the other party will get a notification on the website and the app, for ease. Also, the platform takes networking to an all new level through its smart, artificial intelligence driven suggestions based on the preferences of the buyers and sellers.

6) How participants can take part in exhibitions for 365 days on this platform?

The exhibitors can make full use of the platform round the year by paying a nominal charge ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 4,75,000 depending upon the category they fall into. The top 2 categories also get a studio set up as a part of the package. An additional studio set up along with an HD web camera, tri pod and headset with mic comes for Rs. 50,000 each. The visitors can register at Rs. 200/person. GJC members get a special benefit of free registration for the entire One Year. For any additional registrations, it will be the same rate of Rs. 200/person.

7) How will you bring the touch and feel element in the GJS virtual?

GJS Virtual comes with a unique studio set up which has been developed keeping the requirements of the jewellers in mind. It comes with 3 lighting options to enhance the beauty of their products and an HD camera with tri pod so that the buyer can see the nuances of the designs, as if they are sitting across the table. The reason why we have used an HD camera is so that the retailer can see the minute variations in designs offered by the exhibitors.


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