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A conversation with Saiyam Mehra (COA Member, GJC & Co- Convener, GJS)


A conversation with Saiyam Mehra (COA Member, GJC & Co- Convener, GJS)

1) How will GJS Virtual help retailers across the country?


During the lockdown, the biggest restriction for the gem and jewelry industry has been the unavailability of physical exhibitions. Despite the ease in movement, traveling is still considered unsafe. Therefore GJS Virtual will be an ideal alternative. This platform will let retailers, from all over the country, to witness products and new collections from the exhibitors. So, GJS Virtual will open business avenues for buyers without traveling and their reach increases multi-fold due to the digital intervention.


2) How will the availability of the GJS virtual platform for 365 days help the Indian retailers in the coming days?


The availability of GJS Virtual across the year gives retailers the liberty to connect with sellers, interact with market experts, and understand jewelry trends 365 days in a year. Now they do not have to wait for physical exhibitions to gather information which includes traveling and cost. Despite the costs involved, retailers were compelled to attend exhibitions as that was the need for them. Now, GJS Virtual will suffice their requirement at the click of a button.  


3) What is the procedure to participate as a retailer in GJS virtual?


The process is very simple and safe and is online. The retailers need to visit the GJS Virtual webpage, Once on the page, they need to click on Visitor Registration, fill out the required details, and submit their documents. Also, visitor registration is FREE as we want more and more participation from the retailers. The future is digital, and we want the buyers to understand and get a first-hand feel on their own. 


4) How will retailers connect with manufacturers and suppliers through this platform?


The GJS Virtual portal is smart and driven by Artificial Intelligence. The AI technology takes networking to an all-new level as it suggests names to the buyers, depending upon their preferences. It not just makes life easier but saves time and opens new business opportunities and help to connect with new suppliers. Once a retailer pins down a supplier he/she wants to connect with, he can chat live or schedule a one-on-one video meeting with them and take the discussion forward.


5) How will GJS virtual be different from the physical experience for the participating retailers?


Digital is the future of business and GJS Virtual will be a much-evolved experience for the retailers. Unlike physical exhibitions, where it becomes tiring to go around from one stall to another, on our platform every product is available at the click of a button. Also, due to limitations of time and logistics, a retailer ends up visiting the booths of known suppliers and misses out the offerings from new ones, which is the main essence of exhibitions. Digitally, the process becomes less time consuming, less tiring, and opens new suppliers for the retailers. The technology, HD camera, and interface, used in GJS Virtual give a real-life feel of the product to the retailer which makes it quick for them to make the buying decision.


6) Are there any restrictions for time and location during the exhibition?


This is one of the key highlights of GJS Virtual. The reason why the platform is being made available for a year is that there are no restrictions of time. Plus, the tenure will witness 6 unique exhibitions of 6 days each which makes it 365 days of exhibition in a year. Even during exhibitions, no time restrictions are within which a meeting needs to get over. A retailer can choose to stay with a seller and see their entire product portfolio which is otherwise not possible in a physical exhibition. So, the question of time restriction does not exist. As far as location restriction is concerned, the exhibitors and the retailers do not have to travel anywhere to see the offerings. Everything is available on the platform, round the clock. All they need to do is to set up meeting requests mutually.


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