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Zales Launches New Diamond Cut ‘Celebration Infinite’

Zales announced the exclusive launch of the Celebration Infinite™ diamond. Each centre diamond in the bridal ring collection features an exclusive cut designed with 185 facets, three times more than traditional brilliant-cut diamonds. The Celebration Infinite diamond is part of the Celebration Diamond® Collection, a premier line of certified diamonds cut for excellent light performance.

The additional facets in the Celebration Infinite diamond create more points of reflection, for added sparkle. These diamonds are rated “excellent” in all three components of light performance: brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

“At Zales, our goal is to continually innovate and give our customers the best selection of diamonds that can express their love for their partner. That’s why we are especially excited to introduce the Celebration Infinite diamond. With three times the facets of a traditional brilliant-cut stone, the diamond delivers the sparkle and shine for consumers looking for an engagement ring that not only celebrates their love, but announces it to the world,” says Jamie Singleton, Signet Jewelers’ Chief Marketing Officer, and President of Kay, Zales, and Peoples.

The Celebration Infinite collection assortment will feature fifteen new bridal rings and three solitaires available in white or yellow 14-karat gold, in an assortment of Oval, Round, Pear, and Cushion-shaped diamonds. These engagement rings start at $3,339 and go up to $13,339. Celebration Infinite will be available at starting 27th June, 2022, and in select stores on 1st July, 2022.

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Mines to Market
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