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Venus Jewel First Company to Hold RJC Provenance Certification for Diamond Origin

Venus Jewel First Company to Hold RJC Provenance Certification for Diamond Origin

Venus Jewel, the world leaders in solitaire have successfully earned their RJC certification which includes the first audited providence claim on rough diamond origin and traceability for each diamond they sell in polish. This provenance claim is the first of its kind and Venus Jewel is honoured to announce that it has become the first company in the diamond industry to provide the complete audited history of each of the diamonds they polish by utilising a certificate of origin which takes the customer through the journey of a diamond. Venus Jewel has been promoting the Diamond journey downstream for the past 4 years and has now created a virtual experience for each diamond they polish above 1/2 carat to enhance the customer experience and move the industry into a new era of technology-supported customer experience.

The Venus “Diamond Journey” is the story of every diamond right from its origin through the final polish. The journey helps to educate every customer about how the diamond which he or she is purchasing was crafted to perfection. It includes all stages of polishing – from its origin, i.e. from which mine/country it originated, the weight of the rough diamond how it was planned, cut, prepared and polished to create the absolute best fire, brilliance, and scintillation.

In addition to becoming the first company to have a third party auditing firm validate its diamond origin provenance claim, Venus Jewel has also been one of the very few companies to partner with TRACR to help the development of a true blockchain system that begins the blockchain process from the mine (or mines) of origin.

Along with being the 1st Indian diamond manufacturer to be RJC certified, they also enjoy direct rough supply from De Beers, Alrosa, Rio Tinto & Dominion diamonds and are the official suppliers of Forevermark, Mine of Origin and Canada Mark programs.

Venus Jewel is committed to ethical and transparent business practices as they lie at the core of the founders’ values since the very inception of the company. You are welcome you to take the diamond journey with Venus Jewel at the IIJS 2019 show – Booth 1J025 / 1J027 from the 9th to 12th August 2019.

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