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Trigem Opens Gemstones, Diamonds and Jewellery Facility in DMCC

Trigem Opens Gemstones, Diamonds and Jewellery Facility in DMCC. DMCC, the world’s flagship Free Zone and Government of Dubai Authority on commodities trade and enterprise, today attended the official opening of TRIGEM’s manufacturing workshop in DMCC’s purpose-built Jewellery & Gemplex facility in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT).

TRIGEMDMCC has launched its purpose-built coloured gemstone, diamond and jewellery operations in Dubai, focused on providing a global, vertically integrated supply and distribution centre. It will provide customers with a one-stop-shop that begins with sourcing rough gemstones and diamonds, through the value chain of sorting, cutting and polishing, to bespoke jewellery services, should they require it.

TRIGEM chose to set up its global operations hub in DMCC owing to its strategic geographical location and position as a leading global commodity trading location. DMCC comprises state-of-the-art facilities, implement international regulations and best practices and offers products and services that directly support organisations in the commodity sector to foster growth and facilitate global trade.

Commenting on their decision to set up in Dubai, Alan Davies, TRIGEM Chairman, said:

“It was a simple decision for us to establish our global operations in the DMCC Free Zone. They have become a key player in the global commodity space especially in bridging the divide between producers and consumers across a set of core commodity sectors. We appreciate being able to leverage their local and international network, as well as their products and services, and we look forward to playing our part in helping make Dubai the gemstone capital of the world.”

TRIGEM is uniquely positioned as a vertically integrated gemstone, diamond and jewellery business that can service local industry as well as international clients.

David Zabinsky, the TRIGEM CEO, added:

“The TRIGEM facility allows us to consolidate the many different business activities required to turn a rough gemstone into a final jewellery piece under one roof. From sorting to cutting and polishing, to gold melting, to stone setting, TRIGEM will follow a distinctive ‘mine to you’ business model in which rough material from a mine is transformed into an elegant ring, necklace, or bracelet all from within the TRIGEM premises.”

There are currently more than 1,000 diamond, gemstone and jewellery companies operating in the DMCCFree Zone, making Dubai one of the leading commodity trading marketplaces in the world. Its main portfolio of trade flows includes gold, diamond, tea and agri-commodities. Coffee will soon be added to the list.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem Executive Chairman, DMCC, added:

“We are excited to supportTRIGEM with its latest venture and further cement Dubai’s reputation as one of the preeminent gemstone capitals of the world. DMCC is a facilitator and has very carefully and deliberately created a commercial environment that is welcoming to investment and is supported by the latest infrastructure, robust regulations, and state-of-the-art products and services. Every single company within our free zone can trade with confidence, and we look forward to supportingTRIGEM to do just that.”

Mines to Market
Mines to Market
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