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Lack of Clarity on Mandatory Hallmarking Leads to Unrest in Jewellery Industry

Lack of Clarity on Mandatory Hallmarking Leads to Unrest in Jewellery Industry. All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), along with the expert committee of hallmarking had a detailed meeting with Hon. Union Minister of Consumer Affairs Shri Piyush Goyal Ji and DG BIS Shri Pramod Tiwari wherein many of the key concerns pertaining to Hallmarking regime were discussed and agreed upon, while mandatory Hallmarking was being implemented wef 16th June 2021.

The key issues concerns discussed and agreed upon were related to

  1. Mandatory Hallmarking to be rolled out in 256 districts.

  2. Fee and process of registration,

  3. Applicability of hallmarking,

  4. Allowance of additional karatages,

  5. Time for disposal of old stock & its Hallmarking,

  6. Time to be given to the industry till Sept. 1, 2021, to adjust to the new law

  7. Application of HUID to be restricted to AHCs,

  8. Dilution of penal provisions and Search and Seizure provisions,

However, there has been only one order released from the BIS on 24th June 2021, which covers just a few of the agreed points.

GJCMr. Nitin Khandelwal, Past Chairman, GJC, said, “There is huge unrest in the industry. Hallmarking has been made mandatory since 16th June 2021, and till today, there is no clarity on important aspects. The Honourable Minister during the meeting on 15th June had confirmed that HUID would only be restricted to Hallmarking center, and not on jewelers, however, there still seems no clarity on this as the process as it still involves Jewellers in certain elements of HUID. We are still facing problems and cannot get our jewelry Hallmarked anywhere”.

Mr. Saiyam Mehra, Vice Chairman, GJC, added, “The applicability of hallmarking continues to loom the dark clouds of uncertainty in the industry. The wholesalers and manufacturers who generally stock jewelry in thousands are unable to get their jewelry hallmarked as the hallmarking centers under the current procedure of hallmarking are not able to give the required output”.

During the meeting on 15th June 2021, it was conveyed that the Jeweller was allowed to sell their existing non hallmarked stock till 30th Aug 2021 which was also conveyed via press release from the Ministry, however, all these important concerns are missing in the order and thus has created a scenario of unrest and panic amongst the entire Industry.

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Mines to Market
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