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JNA Jewellery Design Competition Attracts Over 2,500 Entries

JNA Jewellery Design Competition Attracts Over 2,500 EntriesJNA Jewellery Design Competition Attracts Over 2,500 Entries

JNA Jewellery Design Competition Attracts Over 2,500 Entries. The JNA Jewellery Design Competition has received an astounding number of entries for its inaugural edition. At the deadline for submissions on November 30, the 2018/19 competition had attracted more than 2,500 entries. Finalists will be announced in January 2019 on its official website and social media channels.

The 2018/19 competition attracted a total of 2,588 entries from jewellery designers and students from 39 countries and regions including mainland China, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Japan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, United States, France, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Swaziland, Spain, United Kingdom, Egypt, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Macao, Thailand, Australia, Bulgaria, Vanuatu, Azerbaijan, Canada, Lithuania, Portugal, South Africa, Ukraine, Botswana, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Nigeria. The Tahitian Pearl category received the most entries, with 940 submissions, while the Dancing Stone and Platinum categories drew in 713 and 935 entries respectively.

The JNA Jewellery Design Competition 2018/19 judging panel, chaired by renowned jewellery designer Fei Liu, will select 15 finalists and evaluate each entry against the criteria set by the organisers as well as their adherence to the respective themes. The other members of the judging panel are eminent jewellery designer Robert Tateossian; famous visual artist Bradley Theodore; and Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the JNA group, Christie Dang. There are three categories judges, including Ida Wong, General Manager of the Tahitian Pearl Association Hong Kong (TPAHK), HidetakaDobashi, Founder and CEO of Cross for Co Ltd, and Suzanne Wong, Senior Product Manager of Platinum Guild International (PGI).

One champion will be selected for each category. Each winner will receive a trophy, certificate and cash prize of US$2,000. Four merit prizes will also be awarded in each category, with each recipient getting a trophy and a certificate.

Sponsored by Cross for Co Ltd, Platinum Guild International (PGI) and the Tahitian Pearl Association Hong Kong (TPAHK), the JNA Jewellery Design Competition recognises and celebrates excellence in jewellery design. The competition has three categories — Dancing Stone, Platinum, and Tahitian Pearl. Their respective themes are New Fashion Tech, Platinum Attitude, and Asymmetric Perfection. Design talents were invited to reflect the specified theme while highlighting the respective materials’ exceptional qualities.

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