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IGI Helps Students in Mumbai Review Novel Career Options

The International Gemological Institute conducted a ‘Young Gemologist’ workshop for the students of Panbai International School, Mumbai. Known to enthuse young and budding gemologists, the workshop has been introducing the world of gemstones and diamonds across the country.

From the formation of diamonds and gemstones to the composition and varieties in each, the session helped young minds go beyond the conventional framework of gemological studies. The mines to the market story and the various shapes and styles that polished diamonds and colored stones take fascinated the students. The workshop also introduces a whole new branch of study to the young minds, encouraging them to search for a career in a stream that offers so many varied opportunities. The interactive session also gave an opportunity for students to view the grand architecture of a diamond under a microscope and to observe the many optical phenomena in polished gemstones.

In their continuing efforts to increase awareness among students, IGI- School of Gemology, the educational wing of IGI, conducts workshops across the country. The ‘Young Gemologist’ workshop bridges the information gap that exists among students about the endless career opportunities in the world of Gemology.  With an unparalleled range of coursework, spanning everything from rough diamond grading to gemstones, modern treatments, and Computer-Assisted Jewelry Design, IGI continues to maintain its place as the world’s most trusted names in Diamond Certification and Education.

For more details, call 022 49736065 or 1800 102 8610 toll-free.

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