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Hari Krishna Group Conducts Yoga Camp in Mumbai and Surat

Hari Krishna Group Conducts Yoga Camp in Mumbai and Surat

Hari Krishna Group Conducts Yoga Camp in Mumbai and Surat.Hari Krishna Group observed International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2018 organizing a Yoga camp at Jio Garden, BKC, Mumbai. It was a gathering of over 2318 individuals including the Group’s employees, families and well wishers. The purpose of the camp was to promote peace, health living and internal rejuvenation among the participants that included its employees with families and well wishers.

The camp imbibed the yoga spirit, with props like yoga mats, and the asanas and breathing exercises. There was also a mass yoga event simultaneously being held at the Surat office of the Group.

Employee wellbeing is an essential aspect of Hari Krishna Group’s ideology. In this vein it is focused on exposing its employees to the benefits of yoga which it believes promotes integrated wellbeing of its staff. Each year in Surat, the Group conducts Yoga Shibirs spanning one month in the first half. The management of the group realized that the integrated wellbeing of the employees is ensured through encouraging them to participate whole heartedly in Yoga programs.

Mr. Ghanshyam Dholakia, Founder and Managing Director noted celebrating the 4th International Yoga Day conveys the benefits of yoga in one’s daily living. “Yoga is a unique way to approach an individual’s health and happiness and we have been motivating our employees to practice and understand the ancient roots of yoga”, he said.

This mass participation also reinforces the Government of India’s vision to enhance the awareness of the role yoga plays in aligning one’s mind, body and spirit.

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