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GSI’s yet Another Successful Jewelry Design Workshop in Kolhapur

GSI’s yet Another Successful Jewelry Design Workshop in KolhapurGSI’s yet Another Successful Jewelry Design Workshop in Kolhapur

GSI ’s yet another Successful Jewelry Design Workshop in Kolhapur. Gemological Science International (GSI) hosted a free jewellery design workshop at Centre of Excellence Gem & Jewellery Institute at Kolhapur. Mr Bharat Oswal, Chief official from the Gem & Jewellery Association was present at inauguration ceremony to facilitate Raja Gondkar—Education Head at Gemological Science International.

The workshop witnessed an overwhelming response of 40 students participating in the event from various specialities and many allied jewellery design practitioners were present too.

“The Centre of Excellence Gem and Jewelry Institute will soon launch its full fledge Jewelry Design laboratory and GSI’s has played a core role in setting the foundation of awareness for the University by conducting a day-long workshop,” said, Shashak Mandre – Jewelry Department Head.

Speaking about the event, Mr Raja Gondkar, Education Head— GSI said, “The workshop was conducted for students to attain practical methods to design. The foremost goal to bring theses workshop to small cities is to create awareness about the industry of jewellery as a whole. The city has an awe-inspiring talent that requires a platform to channelize their skills. The rationale behind this programme today was to enlighten the knowledge on both jewellery designing and free enterprise ship.”

GSI is now conducting a series of workshop among the universities for students in small cities to undergo a new training experience in which they can put their creative skills into practice within the world of jewellery.

About Gemological Science International (GSI)

Gemological Science International (GSI) is the only major gemological body established in the 21st century. Founded in 2005 in New York City, it provides reliable gemstone identification and grading services, is engaged in Gemological research, and also offers a variety of educational programs to help prepare the new generation of professional graders. GSI is proud to offer gemological services that are reliable, efficient, and convenient on a global scale by working in close proximity to our clients. Therefore, it has grown to become one of the largest gemological entities in the world with offices spanning four continents.

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