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GSI’s Polki Diamond Testing Services Reach Major Markets

GSI’s Polki Diamond Testing Services Reach Major Markets

Polki Diamonds Testing Service by Gemological Science International (GSI), will now be available in India, Hong Kong, New York and Dubai markets, for polki diamonds in finished polki diamond jewellery sets and by manufacturers, retailers and end consumers of the same.

Its step to reach its services further is in response to demand for quality grading and genuity of the diamonds. Usually, fracture filling is the treatment found in polki diamonds and the standard analysis procedures used for loose polki diamonds as the gem microscope to identify gas bubbles or the flash effect in the filler are adequate. At GSI, treatments in polki diamonds are identified and diamonds are tested with the GSI proprietary grading system. According to Mark Gershburg, CEO, GSI, it is crucial to approach an authentic gemological laboratory for grading and identification when buying polki jewelry due to the concern of treated polki diamonds. He further added that GSI aims towards excellence in ‘gem identification, grading, and security’. For this, its gemologists have developed ‘unparalleled methods in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and safety. This has enabled us to keep our prices affordable while providing world-class quality product.’

GSI maintains highest standards in jewelry certification. Its authentication reports for polki diamonds inform of the analysis in identification and testing, giving more confidence to the end buyer. GSI maintains a record of every report it issues so anyone can verify the authenticity of the reports by scanning the QR Code and sending it online to GSI.

GSI is one of the prime gemological organizations in the world.


About GSI

GSI  is an independent gemological organization that provides gemstone identification & grading services, gemological research and a broad range of educational programs to all levels of the diamonds, gemstone and jewelry trade. A trusted and reliable partner to thousands of clients worldwide, GSI is wholly committed to the highest ethical standards and practices throughout all of its operations. GSI is the only major gemological enterprise established in 21st century and has grown to become one of the largest in the world. For additional information visit—

GSI’s Polki Diamond Testing Services Reach Major Markets
GSI’s Polki Diamond Testing Services Reach Major Markets
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