Friday, December 4, 2020

DMCC Rolled-Out New Offer for International Companies

· Offer includes a free 6-month trial period allowing businesses to test the Dubai market with no initial investment · Fully digital company set up in as little as 5 working days · Further information available at

DMCC rolled out a new offer for international companies to ease of doing business in Dubai.

The offer provides international companies the opportunity to set up a representative office in one of the world’s leading business hubs in as little as 5 working days with a free 6-month trial period. The offer is valid until 31st December. The new offer comes after DMCC was named Global Free Zone of the Year for a sixth consecutive year by the Financial Times’ fDi Magazine. In 2020, DMCC also rolled out its largest-ever commercial campaign, the Business Support Package in March to support new and existing member companies navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19. In light of the strong appetite and positive reactions from the market, DMCC has extended the package until the end of December.

Ahmad HamzaAhmad Hamza, Executive Director – Free Zone, DMCC, added, “DMCC has successfully established a dynamic and thriving business district that has redefined the ease of doing business. That is why 18,000 companies have chosen to set up in our Free Zone. With this new offer, we are once again making it easier and faster to set up a presence in Dubai and enabling access to some of the fastest-growing markets. In turn, we are boosting the Emirate’s economic resilience to ensure it always remains the chosen place for doing business.”

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