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Bid for Stones at Israel’s Pavilion at JCK

There is a new fervor among Israeli exhibitors participating at the forthcoming JCK Las Vegas show. They bring with them special stones for an auction to be held at the Israel Diamond Pavilion where a viewing will happen and bids welcomed from the start of the show – 1st June up to 3rd June. The prices of the diamond are maintained at appealing rates.

The U.S. is Israel’s prime export destination for polished diamonds, making up around 40 percent of the same. Last year, the said net exports were $1.7 billion from the overall $4.5 billion worth of exports.
There will be altogether 34 Israeli exhibitors at the Israel Diamond Pavilion, brought together by the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI).

IDI Chairman Boaz Moldawsky expressed expecting good results from the show as Israel has been experiencing a rise in demand for its diamonds among U.S. customers.

The Pavilion is in the centre of the Diamond Plaza and will include a Lounge feature and a dedicated terminal featuring Get Diamonds – the search facility for buyers to map the exhibitors’ offerings. Buyers can view the same on smartphones. The online route will also be tapped, with a website giving a map to the Pavilion and exhibitor profiles and will be functional on 31st May.

Mines to Market
Mines to Market
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