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ALROSA to Present the Largest Deep Purple-Pink Diamond in Hong Kong

ALROSA to Present the Largest Deep Purple-Pink Diamond in Hong Kong.ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond producer by output in carats, will hold the first of its kind “True Colours” auction of coloured polished diamonds. It will be first presented during Hong Kong Gem & Jewelry Fair in September, 2018.

The collection includes 250 polished diamonds of various shapes and colours – purple, pink, orange and vivid-yellow stones with GIA-certificates, some of them of very rare shades. That will be the first time when ALROSA represents its large coloured diamonds in such quantity.

The star of the show will be a fancy deep purple-pink cushion of 11 carat. According to GIA, it is the largest diamond of this colour ever certified by their lab.

Another hero stones of the collection– a vivid orangy yellow diamond of over 15 carats and a cushion-shaped 11-carater of fancy vivid yellow.

“It took more than a year to prepare the collection. It is a masterpiece of diamond production created by skillful professionals who put heart into their work, keep the traditions and know what a real “Russian cut” is. We live up to our promise of highest quality and ethical standards of our stones. This collection will once again prove this statement and will become a stepping stone to our goal of taking in the coloured diamond market”, ALROSA deputy CEO Yury Okoemov said.

ALROSA will sell these stones of “True Colours” auction via a special electronic platform, which has proven its worth during successful sales of large stones earlier. The auction will become regular happening once or twice a year.

From 2018, ALROSA is sorting its coloured rough diamonds into 19 colour groups. Most of them are polished by ALROSA cutting subdivision.


ALROSA is the world’s leading diamond mining company, accounting for 27% of global rough diamond production in terms of carats. The company operates 11 kimberlite pipes and 16 alluvial deposits in Yakutia and Arkhangelsk Region of Russia. ALROSA stones are mined in conflict-free areas and come straight from the producer, ensuring transparent origin. The company is also a leader in terms of social responsibility, spending $150-200 mn a year for social projects and $100 mn for the environment.

Besides rough diamond mining, ALROSA has its own in-house cutting and polishing division, “Diamonds Alrosa”. The branch is concentrated on coloured and large colourless stones.

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Mines to Market
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