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Alrosa Rakes In $8.2 Mln By Selling Large Rough Diamonds In Israel

Alrosa, the largest diamond producer globally, held an auction for special size rough diamonds of over 10.8 carats in Israel, according to media reports. The mining giant is said to have earned total revenue amounting to $8.2 mln from sales of the rough diamonds.
The company sold 82 gem-quality diamonds with a total weight of 1,422 carats. Companies from Israel, Belgium, India, UAE, Russia, the USA, and Hong Kong participated in the auction.

Commenting about the Israeli auction, Evgeny Agureev, member of the Executive Committee, director of the United Selling Organization ALROSA commented:  “Today, there are still difficulties with demand in the global diamond market. This inevitably affects all participants and sales results. Despite this, the auction in Israel was generally a success.”

Alrosa plans to hold two more auctions for special size diamonds in Israel by the end of 2019.

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