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ALROSA Launches Diamond Collection for 2018 FIFA World Cup Fans

ALROSA Launches Diamond Collection for 2018 FIFA World Cup Fans

ALROSA launches diamond collection for 2018 FIFA World Cup fans.ALROSA is expressing the fervour of 2018 FIFA World Cup Football in its homeland, with a unique diamond collection. The compilation offers 32 round diamonds, each diamond being 0.3 carats, of high quality, D to F color and VVS2 to IF clarity and named after the countries participants. The diamonds they were mined in Russia and cut by ALROSA’s subdivision – DIAMONDS ALROSA, adhering to the best traditions of the Russian cut.

The diamonds can be reserved online – at www.diamondsofrussia.ru. by legal entities or natural persons, as the mining major notes.  If one wishes a customized stone, ALROSA is offering it with an engraving associated with the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA TM, or a name. ALROSA will give a special-design official certificate informing characteristics of each diamond.

Pavel Vinikhin, Director of DIAMONDS ALROSA noted polished diamonds to be famous and a symbol of the country. “We decided to provide the fans with the opportunity to take a tiny piece of Russia with them or to mark national teams and symbolic victories important for them not only with football anthems, but also with a unique diamond that will remain with them forever.” Pavel Vinikhin also mentioned the stones are made affordable to a wide range of fans. “Optionally, we can form sets from them,” he said.

ALROSA is the sole diamond-mining company owning a cutting subdivision, thus guaranteeing complete authenticity, natural origin and mining as per the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. DIAMONDS ALROSA applies unique traditions of the Russian cut with state-of-the-art technologies to produce excellent quality diamonds.

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