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AGD Diamonds Receives Kudos from Global Diamond Industry

The ‘Sustainability Report’ issued by the AGD Diamonds JSC recently is aptly timed, when the global diamond industry is going through turmoil, being faced with numerous challenges.

With misinformation of the mining sector being circulated currently, confusion has been created in the minds of the end consumers worldwide.  Analysts believe and the Sustainability Report of the mining company intends to clear the minds of diamond consumers of any misunderstandings about the diamond mining industry in particular.

As the priority direction of its work, AGD Diamonds JSC considers the introduction of modern, environmentally friendly technologies and equipment that do not harm the environment. The company provides social support and charitable assistance to organizations and residents of the Arkhangelsk region.

AGD Diamonds JSC is one of the oldest companies in the European North of Russia engaged in the exploration, production, and processing of minerals. Over the 87 years of the Company’s existence, more than 400 deposits have been discovered and explored like oil and gas, diamonds, coal, oil shale, water, non-ferrous, rare and precious metals, non-metallic mineral raw materials, cement, carbonate and chemical raw materials, construction materials.


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