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3rd Bharat Diamond Week all set for flying start!

The third edition of Bharat Diamond Week (BDW) saw a flying start with an august inauguration at Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB), in the august presence of Mr.EvgenyAgureev (Deputy CEO, Alrosa), Mr.Nanhai Yan (Vice President, Shanghai Diamond Exchange), Mr. Ashok Gajera (MD, Laxmi Diamond), Mr.Anoop Mehta (President-BDB), Mr.Mehul Shah (Vice-President- BDB) and Mr. Rajesh Bajaj (MD, Bajaj Overseas Ltd.).BDW opened in Bharat Diamond Bourse and will close on 16th October 2019.

To add sparkle to light up the pre-festival season, a renowned diamond manufacturing company, Laxmi Diamond presented a Mercedes Benz, studded with 3.5 lakh CZ diamonds – conceptualized by the architect of this unique event Mr.Rajesh Bajaj (MD, Bajaj Overseas Limited). The Chief Darkhouse bike of the Indian Motorcycle was also showcased at the venue.

The opening ceremony was a sparkling event graced by the presence of invited guests PorntivaNakasai, President-Thai Gem &Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA), SomchaiPhornchindarak, President- Gems, Jewelry& Precious Metal Confederation of Thailand (GJPCT), leaders & members of World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) delegation, Thai delegation, various trade delegations including-Israel, Dubai, European countries, Greece, South Africa, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India- GJEPC, GJC, MDMA & trade associations across India!

Mr.Anoop Mehta, President, Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB), said, “This is a momentous occasion for BDB to host all the eminent buyer delegations from around the world. Additionally, since GJEPC is also organizing 3rdIndia Diamond Week Buyer-Seller Meet during the same time and we also welcome all those visitors & buyers too!”

Another advantage for every attendee at BDW is an option to join the 3rd India Diamond Week (IDW), Buyer Seller Meet (BSM), which is being organized by the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) on from 15th October up to 17th October 2019. Thus buyers can participate in two trade shows & wider options at a single venue!

The architect of this unique event, Mr. Rajesh Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Overseas Ltd., said, “Bajaj Overseas and HZ International have conceptualized 7 Guinness &Limca Book of Records events. Coinciding with the Bharat Diamond Week, we produced, directed and conceptualized the Mercedes car and bike studded with CZ diamonds to add sparkle to the pre-festival buying season.”

At the juncture, Diwali, a great festive buying season is on & to last until March 2020 as a big fat Indian Wedding Season on the back of good crop estimate, China is also excited to celebrate its’ New Year on January 25, 2020, while US & Europe is at latch of Holiday Season &it is estimated to grow about 4% over the previous year. Overall this is the right time for Asian countries, China & Pan India while Europe & US has to last sourcing option ahead of the season!

About 100+ Indian Diamond MSMEs are showcasing the entire spectrum of polished diamond of every size, shapes & colors at the BDW arena at BDB boundaries. The BDB is accommodating about 3K member companies and is also ready to cater to every buyer to complete their demand list of product mix! De facto India is the largest global diamond manufacturing center on the planet earth & the global share of India is 92% on the back of a total 94% Indian Artisans of the globe.

BDW is ensuring adequate product mix at a competitive price with the utmost surety of sourcing is a mined diamond! Now, it is known that no CVDs are allowed in the boundaries of BDB & it is being observed strictly. To learn more about CVDs, the BDW has on-site facilities to get check any diamond! This is the reason that the show is retaining the buyer’s un-wavering confidence which is being earned by the BDB over the years!

BDW buyer Mehul Shah said, “Inevitable impending season around & uncertainties around sourcing market places led additional strength to the BDW- the place of certainty of sourcing desired product mix with stanch buying confidence that of buying 100% mined diamonds, no hidden fear of any LGDs!”

BDB, the organizer of the BDW ensures every buyer must be at ease to feel a great buying experience in a comfortable and relaxed environment in order to save them time and money. Let every buyer get connected with every showcase of the dome! BDB has taken enough measures for buyers’ hassle-free buying by ensuring ease of entry in the BDB campus and that begins right with their traveling assistance, encouragement to first-time visitors, accommodations around the venue.

Equally, the BDW is the first of its kind equipped with International standards and facilities at BDB. The Complex is spread over an area of 0.87 Million sqft of land. The total constructed area is 2 million sqft with two basements of an additional 1 million sqft. BDB has created a business framework to conduct their transactions in maximum convenience and security.

Key comments

Comments of Ernie Blom, President-World Federation of Diamond Bourses:

It gives me great pleasure, as President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), to congratulate the Bharat Diamond Bourse on the occasion of the Bharat Diamond Week. This is the third such polished diamonds event following the success of the first two in 2018. The Bharat Diamond Bourse is building on the success of last year’s events, and I have no doubt that the October 14-16 fair will be even larger. I believe that these inter-bourse events are extremely valuable in bringing together bourse members from around the world, as well as other members of the diamond and jewelry trade, and are all the more important during the challenging times we are going through.

These polished diamond events are a wonderful way for our bourses to support small and medium-sized firms which are an absolutely vital element of our industry. They comprise the majority of the diamond trade and need as much assistance as possible.

I would like to thank Bharat Diamond Bourse President Anoop Mehta and Vice-President Mehul Shah and their team for all their hard work and commitment in holding the Bharat Diamond Week and giving registration priority to WFDB members. I wish everyone – buyers and exhibitors and everyone connected with the show – the greatest success.

Comments of Stephane Fischler, President- WDC:

Congratulations to the Bharat Diamond Bourse on its important initiative to give much-needed space and exposure to the small and medium enterprises to showcase their unique vitality, skills, and position within the diamond supply chain. Our industry is now challenged by the need to act faster, leaner and develop new added value initiatives.

Technology should be everyone’s ally but ignoring it is at everyone’s peril. The SME’s members of the industry must retain and strengthen their vital role in our industry. Wishing you all a most successful event!

Comments of EranZini, Managing Director-The Israel Diamond Exchange Ltd:

The Israel Diamond Exchange welcomes the initiative of the Bharat Diamond Exchange is holding yet another edition of their Diamond Week. Their focus on the small and medium-sized enterprises in providing them with an opportunity for maximum exposure to a wide range of goods is laudable.

It is certainly befitting that the Indian Exchange, as one of the primary bourses in the world, be counted with the other major centers in holding these inter-bourse events, among them The Israel Diamond Exchange, that will be holding its next international Diamond Week in Israel on 10.2.20; it is a trend which has proven itself and we wish our friends at the Bharat Diamond Exchange continued success.

Comments of Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, DMCC:

I commend the organizers of Bharat Diamond Week 2019 for convening leading international Diamantaires at this important juncture for the industry. This event will serve to support to SMEs and help boost the diamond trade more generally. Dubai is fast becoming the world’s leading diamond trading hub, and the city’s connection to businesses in Mumbai is both longstanding and critical to the future of Dubai’s exciting diamond story.

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