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Mr. Anoop Mehta President of Bharat Diamond Bourse shares a clear vision for the Bharat Diamond Week

Mr Anoop Mehta President of Bharat Diamond Bourse shares a clear vision for the Bharat Diamond Week – that of nurturing it into a prime event for the world to source diamonds. With only two editions down, the Bharat Diamond Week has written India’s potential in bolder print. The Week transcends being just another trading platform. Its unique format has uplifted the diamond SMEs at the Bourse to avail an opportunity to reach a global audience.

Also, in quick succession to the Bharat Diamond Week, the Bourse is preparing to host the 38th WFDB Congress, welcoming presidents of the organization’s 30 Bourses. With these developments, the Bharat Diamond Bourse is growing in its focus as the epicentre of India’s diamond trade.

How would you describe the outcome of the second Bharat Diamond Week?

It’s been positive. We expect that in the next show, now that we are going to do it bi-annually, two shows every year, it will be a good point for all visitors who want to purchase diamonds. It will become a bi-annual event, twice a year.

What was the idea behind hosting the 2nd edition in October?

We want to do two editions – one reason we did it in October was for the local market also as it is just pre-Diwali and also for all of Europe and everywhere because the main season starts from November-December-January-February. So we want to do twice every year now. Once in April and once in October.

In just two editions, Bharat Diamond Week has caught the world’s attention. How have international buyers responded to SME exhibitors and how can this segment improvise to make the most of the opportunity?

We are seeing that as more and more people will become aware that Bharat Diamond Bourse is doing the Diamond Week on a regular basis, yearly, and this time we have also announced dates in advance – we expect that in the next two or three shows it will become a yearly event where everybody will come and check out what the prices are and connect with the SMEs as well as bigger buyers in Bharat Diamond Bourse.

Any new developments to look forward at the Bourse?

This time we are hosting the World Federation of Diamond Bourses Congress also over here and the WDC meeting is also being held in Mumbai by the Gem and Jewellery Council in October. We are looking forward to both those events.

How is the diamond jewellery demand meter for the upcoming festive season?

America is looking good. With other markets, because of fluctuation of currency, let’s see how they respond but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

What is the expected growth from India’s exports in the last quarter of 2018?

I think that India should be able to achieve at least 5 per cent growth from the last year in the diamond segment.

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