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GIA India’s Webinar on ‘September Birthstone-Sapphire’

GIA’s webinar on ‘September Birthstone -sapphire’ was attended by more than 150 members of the gem and jewelry sector across India.

Deepa Srinivasa- GIA India Instructor

Deepa Srinivasa shared insights on the sources, history and quality factors of sapphire. The webinar also taught the participants information about laboratory-grown gems and simulants, along with a few care and cleaning tips.

Participants shared their views on GIA’s webinar

Satvik Kamath said, “This was the first GIA Knowledge Webinar I attended, and I learned so much about the origins of sapphires and the various factors affecting it’s color and other information about its gem species.” He works in The operations department at Abharan Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., Udipi, Karnataka. He said further, “this will help me be more knowledgeable when talking to customers, especially in the case of sapphires because it is commonly sold as part of Navratna in India.”

Arjun Soni, Proprietor, Mohanlal Suresh Chandra and Sons, Jodhpur, Rajasthan said “the GIA Knowledge Webinar was very helpful. I have gained a lot of knowledge on sapphires and I’m confident it will help us in our business.”

Sriram Natarajan, Managing Director of GIA India commented “I believe learning should never stop. As leaders in gemological education and pioneers in offering eLearning courses in the industry, GIA India is committed to sharing knowledge to ensure public trust in gems and jewelry.” He thanked all the webinar participants for their desire to keep learning.

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