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Decoding Jewellery in Italian

Decoding Jewellery in Italian. The craft of jewellery, in general, is representative of cultures, beliefs and resources. So, what makes jewellery ‘Italian’? What inspires its appreciation worldwide? Mr Gianpaolo Bruno, Trade Commissioner to the UAE, Oman and Pakistan, ITA, familiarizes us with the ideology of the Italian jewellery industry and its differentiation in the global jewellery industry.

Q. Italian jewellery is celebrated in global markets. Please share insights on its differentiating factor.

A. Italy is known as a world leader in providing quality, craftsmanship, creativity, and artistic designs. Italy’s dedication to the art of jewellery currently sees the presence of 10,000 firms operating in the Italian gold and jewellery sector, making a significant contribution to the economy.

Q. Today, technology is assisting in enhancing the art. How is Italian jewellery manufacturing keeping pace with modern times with respect to its handmade craftsmanship and use of technology?

A. Italian craftsmanship has a long tradition. Italian artisans today still take pride in using centenary techniques to create crafts that are typical of their region and have been passed down for generations. However, the rapid growth of technology has changed perceptions. Today, the jewellery industry is modernized by technology which has its good sides, for example, it makes production quicker and easier.

Q. How is the Italian jewellery industry catering to demands of sustainability, transparency and innovation in today’s times?

A. Making jewellery industry sustainable is not an easy process as the jewellery supply chain from mine to market is long and complex. Italian jewellery industry follows industry-led processes like certification for jewellery and Kimberly Process for deriving the origin of diamonds so that they can ensure their products are produced without exploiting labour and environment.

Q. Please elaborate on how you see Italian jewellery inspiring the global jewellery market, today.

A. Italian Jewellery has been always known for their beauty, craftsmanship and quality. Our jewellers don’t just design jewellery, they devote their time and effort to create something that is unique and lasting. Italian jewellery brands are a favourite of the celebrities, royalty and the rich and powerful. I see this trend continuing.

Q. Speaking of trading in global markets – any plans to expand in new geographies? How do you plan to strengthen your presence in the markets Italian jewellery already caters to?

A. The Italian jewellery industry is looking to increase geographical presence and focus on more countries where gold and jewellery is very much part of the tradition and culture.

Q. Who are your consumers? Please comment on the demand for Italian jewellery by Millennials?

A. The Italian jewellery industry is vast and caters to different demands and budget. We have something for everyone. Many jewellery brands have come up with collections that cater to millennials, like, charms, for instance. There are also brands that have come out with light-weight everyday jewellery creations with a modern twist that appeals to the millennials.

Q. What are your expectations for Italy’s jewellery exports this year?

A. It has been a challenging year because of geo-economic factors, but I think we will innovate and adapt our expectations to have a good year for exports.

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